Classical and timeless

  • Band Style: Gold
  • Ring Style: Solitaire
  • Center Carats: 0.51
  • Total Carats: 0.51


Classical, tasteful, timeless…and suits my hand.

Chosen by my husband and daughter with a lot of love.

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Flawless Ascher Cut

I am obsessed with my amazing ascher cut + trillion side stone engagement ring!! My husband did good!

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Triple Bling – Yellow, White, and Pink Diamonds!

  • Ring Style: Halo Pave
  • Center Carats: 1.59
  • Total Carats: 3

1.59 Natural Fancy Intense Yellow diamond set in yellow gold surrounded by a double halo of 56 white diamonds in white gold and 30 pink diamonds in rose gold. The white gold has an intrigue flower design under the yellow diamond which only can be seen from a specific angle. His personal jeweler designed a ring with the perfect balance of vintage classic and modern elegance. The ring is truly one of a kind.

On March 20, 2014, my fiancee Arman invited close family and friends to his birthday dinner at my San Francisco house. I decided to make appetizers and cocktails to celebrate, but little did I know, he had an ace up his sleeve (or should I say ring in his pocket?). While I was preparing the cake to be brought out, one of his close friends said he had a surprise for Arman and I as a birthday gift. He blindfolded us both and led us to the middle of the living room, however, I had no idea that Arman's blindfold was already taken off since he was throwing me off saying "I can't see, where are we going? What is this big surprise??". When I took my blindfold off, I was surrounded by the guests with their camera phones ready, and he was down on one knee with the beautiful yellow diamond ring presented. We were both emotional and in tears as the joy and love overwhelmed us for that very moment. We are very blessed to have found an amazing partner to live the rest of our lives with. Our San Francisco wedding will take place Thanksgiving weekend - November 29, 2014 at The Chapel at Fort Mason.

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My Perfect Ring

Three Stone 2.1 Carat 18 K gold Tacori Replica with beautiful detail. There are diamonds on all sides of the ring. Absolutely stunning! Everything I wanted and more!

I just had just come back from New York City and my fiance had picked me up and decided to take me out to dinner at our favourite restaurant...The Keg. We ate dinner as per usual and we were deciding on whether or not we wanted to eat dessert there. The waiter left us dessert menu's and my fiance left to go to the washroom. When he returned I was showing him pictures from my trip. Next thing I know the waiter puts my favourite dessert (billy miner pie) down in front of me and beside the cake in icing was written "Will you Marry Me". Before I could blink, my fiance was on one knee with the ring box (which had a light) opened. I was in so much shock I couldn't move. Obviously I said yes even though it took me awhile. Loved that he incorporated dessert since I have a huge sweet tooth.

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4.08cttw radiant three stone ring with traps

  • Band Style: Gold
  • Ring Style: Three Stone
  • Total Carats: 4.08
  • Center Carats: 3.00


3.00ct center radiant GIA certified I color, SI1 clarity diamond but 1.08cttw traps set in 14kt white gold from deBebians.com

He proposed at Runyan Canyon looking over all of Los Angeles while we were on a hike with our 7 month old daughter...almost 10 years to the day that we first met.

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