Advantages of Platinum vs. White Gold

Engagement rings and wedding bands have traditionally been made of gold for many years. Recently, however, yellow gold bands and rings have gone out of fashion and have been replaced by white gold or platinum rings. Both white gold and platinum appear the same, with a silver metallic look that shines much better than yellow gold. However there are some major differences between the two.


White Gold


White gold rings, much like their yellow gold counterparts, are actually alloys with varying degrees of purity. Yellow gold rings were usually forged with metals like copper to give them their yellowish shine, while white gold is made by mixing gold with silver or palladium. Both are rated in karats depending on the amount of gold to other metal ratio. For example, an 18kt gold ring is 75 percent gold and 25 percent other metal. When white gold rings are made, they are usually coated with another metal, rhodium, to give it its silvery shine. Without rhodium, white gold rings have an off-white color that is slightly yellow in color without the shine of a yellow gold. Since the rhodium coating can wear off, white gold rings need to be serviced with new coatings periodically.


Platinum and other alloys


Although more expensive, platinum makes an ideal substitution to white gold. Unlike white gold rings, which are made of only 75 percent or less precious metal, platinum rings are usually 95 percent pure. Platinum is also stronger than gold and because it naturally gives off a silvery shine, it is unnecessary to plate it with rhodium and will keep its brilliance forever.

Besides white gold and platinum, there are other alloy metals being used for engagement rings and wedding bands. Titanium, with its ultra-light feel and metallic look, is being used more and more frequently. Also, alloys mixed with other metals to give off a range of colors can be used for a quirkier style.






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  1. d December 22, 2008 at 5:03 am #

    As a male who has purchased various pieces of jewelry over the years, I have learned my share of what my girlfriend and her friends like as well as what types of jewelry wear best. For a long time, my main decision factor was price. I often went for white gold, as it looked similar to platinum and was less expensive. However, after a short time, the metal’s shine and color seemed to wear completely off and the piece turned yellowish. Not only was this upsetting, but it was embarrassing. With the amount of money spent repairing or re-coating, as described above, and the frustration that came with, made it very clear that it is not worth saving a few dollars when you are missing out on quality.

    I recently purchased a beautiful diamond engagement ring for my girlfriend. The diamond is set in platinum (platinum holds stones more securely than other metals). I know my girlfriend prefers it along with the many “girl” friends I’ve asked. 81% of women prefer platinum, did my research :-) . A great site where you can find tons of detailed information is .

    Thanks for the helpful post.

  2. PromDress April 26, 2010 at 12:48 pm #

     rest of you. Watch out for your ring by storing it when you are engages in heavy physical activity like skiing or surfing or intense hiking.

    When using cleaning chemicals or hand lotions you should also consider removing your ring. If you forget to do this a few times, don’t panic. Grime that builds on your ring can be removed by a jeweler by several different methods.

    If you are going to store the ring during you r outdoor trip or your date with Spring cleaning, make sure you store it away from other gem stones. Other s 

  3. Kris82 August 6, 2010 at 7:03 pm #

    The price of platinum has come down a lot. My fiance and I were looking recently and the difference in price between white gold and platinum is fairly small when you consider how expensive the whole ring can be.

    The main debate is white gold vs platinum. For me, I loved the pure color of the platinum and that you don’t have to redip to maintain the color. Also, it holds the diamond more securely than other metals. Regarding other less common metals, like titanium – most of them are really light. I liked the heft of platinum. I don’t want my engagement/wedding rings to feel like light like costume jewelry.

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