De Beers Engagement Rings

Diamonds by De Beers

When it comes to diamonds and diamond solitaire ring, De Beers is the most popular choice. For some reason, De Beers had built their organization in synch to the idea of perfection and quality of diamond jewelry.


De Beers, the Company
De Beers is has over 100 years of experience when it comes to quality jewelry design. This alone made them the finest jewelry boutique all around the world. They are the leading diamond retailer everywhere. The De Beer collections consist of only the best and most elite jewelry pieces that people with keen eye in jewelry can appreciate. Their high standards when it comes to the quality, appearance, and workmanship are unparalleled.


The De Beers Standard of Quality
It was De Beers who had pioneered the four C’s of a diamond’s quality. In 1939, they have introduced the carat, cut, clarity, and color standards of diamonds. Right now, those are the exact same the standards and criteria of judging a diamond. All diamond designers throughout the world have adapted the De Beers standard of diamond quality. And because it was De Beers who had set the pace in the diamond industry, it is not surprising to hear that the best diamonds always come from them. They are also currently looking for continued excellence in the field by adding more attributes to the diamond other than the 4 C’s they have set their sights upon.

The cut is always where all designers differ from each other. It is the designer who directly controls the cut of a diamond. And it follows that the more talented the jewelry designer is, the better his cut and creation is going to be. Anatomical symmetry and perfection are the features that are always achieved by the De Beers diamond. Stones that are cut poorly produce weaker light. These diamonds can’t emit the fire that it has from within. Instead, it looks like a dull gem of shadowy appearance. Each and every diamond jewelry of De Beers is scanned, analyzed, and gauge so that its internal brilliance emanates to the maximum level.

De Beers Jewelry Types
Diamond jewelry are the main elements of a De Beers boutique. Their popular collections are engagement rings, wedding rings, and bridal sets. The other types include:
1. Eternity Rings
The De Beers eternity rings are usually created with prong and channel settings. They also carry exclusive knife-edge designs using 2 angled rows of precious stones. Princess and round cuts are the popular shapes of the De Beers eternity rings.
2. Men’s Rings
De Beers offers limited selections of men’s fashion rings and wedding rings. Check them out and you’ll definitely find the pieces you’ll like.
3. Three-Stone Rings
For three-stone rings, the prong and bezel settings are the popular choices. The stones are usually matched or graduated in size to achieve the best possible effect.
4. Exclusive Collections

De Beers create an exceptional selection of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. They also come in a variety of styles and designs. The common ones are the right hand rings, figural pieces, cuff links, and pendants. De Beers also create collections of fancy colored diamonds and different shades of gold.

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