Jamie’s Custom Round Brilliant

This is my RB solitaire with double claw prongs set in platinum. I originally wanted a halo and a pave band but decided I wanted to go the solitaire route. I think all settings are beautiful but ultim

It all started on a humid day in New York City. My Fiancé at the time told me he had made a reservation at a new sushi place he had heard of, (we love sushi and our go to spot is at Momoya-the only place we go) from a coworker. I thought it was a little weird since we always just go to our place around the corner from our apartment. But, I went with it anyway. I had no makeup on, didn't do my hair, was dressed in a lack tank top and a maxi skirt...my fiancé on the other hand was dressed in a very nice shirt and jeans and shoes....I asked him in the elevator why he was so dressed up compared to me and he said "because I want to be" I also asked if he was hot because I was so hot that day!!! Summer was coming early....anyway, we head out and he says let's stop by the Container Store and I oblige. Then he says okay, let's head to the restaurant and as we are heading to there we pass by our "first date kiss spot", and I tug on his arm and say "we need to kiss! We are coming up on our spot!!!"....he ignores me and instead starts calling our dogs name out and I'm like "babe, stop. The dog owner is going to think you are crazy!!" And all of sudden it was our dog running towards us!!! Little did I know because I literally said bye and told him we would be back, 20 minutes ago.....he reached over our dogs collar, retrieved the ring and proceeded to say such a beautiful sentiment...then he got down on one knee in the middle of Union Sq. and asked me to be his wife!!!!! Then we went to a very nice restaurant called One if by land, two if by Sea in the West Village. The sushi restaurant was just a cover!!!!

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  1. Kathleen Bryan Hall August 18, 2016 at 6:38 am #

    Congrats! Many blessing to you and the pups! Love the ring and wish I had one like it! ;) <3 Someday maybe! What a beautiful memory you have! I've been married 17yrs now. Taking care of your partner and prayer have made it work for us. Lot happens over the years and looks fade fast sometimes. Love grows. Sounds like you have something very special already keep it tended like a garden.

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