The Perfect 2nd Engagement Ring With The Same Man

  • Ring Style: Other
  • Center Carats: 2
  • Total Carats: 3


My ring I saw many years earlier on a celebrity it was perfect I fell in love with it though I never got it as a engagement ring for my husband decided it was easier to buy from a display case and taking the attractive sale lady opinion of what i would like. I am not saying I do not love the ring I got from my hubby but it never suited me.

It was many years earlier that I saw my perfect engagement ring and details were a little vague what I loved was it had a large center yellow diamond surrounded by white diamonds what a beauty. Many years have passed since I got married and I always loved the award winning Gregore and Jennifer-Rabe Jewelry designs though I had never seen them design a engagement ring until this year and of course they had on their site my ring so I went to them to design one very similar mine is not as large as the one in the picture on their website though this what I could afford http://www.gregoreandjennifer-rabe.com/engagement They did amazing job and I can not thank them enough. I am glad I went with a custom ring design as I had never seen anything that I liked in any jewelry store in Santa Barbara or LA Yes their is many beautiful rings in these stores but there was always something wrong with them.

Do not get me wrong I still wear my engagement ring but now it has a friend to adorn my other hand. And guess which one catches people’s eyes I guess I feel like that celebrity many years ago.

I do wish this was the ring as I know my husband he is easy over sold by attractive young ladies yes his is bigger than the one I I bought it is a lovely ring just more the sales ladies taste or sales ticket.

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