Engagement Rings – How much should I spend?

Really, there is no official law on how much you should spend on an engagement ring.  However, it has long been understood that a man should spend at least two months’ salary on this special token of love.  Setting a price tag based on how much love you have for an individual may seem rather tacky.  For this reason we can use the unwritten rule on how to determine an acceptable minimum amount to spend.


It’s not something you want to scrimp on.  You want to make this one of the most beautiful gifts of your life to your special someone.  This will represent the strength of your commitment and love to your future life long partnership. However, you do not want to go too far into debt that it will cause severe financial distress and/or eventual animosity towards your beloved recipient.

Two months salary is a big chunk of money when you consider all of the other things we are paying for in our budget.  The key to achieving this temporary extra expense in your life is preplanning.  Some simple math and some helpful advice from your married friends may put you at a great advantage of reaching your goal.

It may even be possible to go over and beyond the original amount you were prepared to spend.  If you will spend some time researching prices and talking directly to diamond and jewel dealers, you may find it easy to upgrade your engagement ring purchase value by up to 50 percent.  The experts are prepared to understand your situation.  They can help you find that engagement ring worth 2 months’ salary and may be able to get it to you for only one month’s salary.  If you would rather spend more, then you may be able to get a four months’ salary engagement ring for the price of two.  Remember to shop around and gather opinions from different people.

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