Heart Of The Ocean Diamond


Titanic’s Heart of the Ocean

The Heart of the Ocean is one diamond that is very popular all over the world. But not all people know that in reality, the gem never really existed.

Heart of the Ocean History

In the movie Titanic, the Heart of the Ocean gem was given the name ‘La Coeur de la Mer’. The blockbuster movie of 1997 created by James Cameron had its story revolving around the gem. The jewelry is a dazzling blue diamond necklace. It was supposed to belong to King Louis XVI, but it disappeared right when the French Revolution broke out in 1792. Also at that point, King Louis XVI was beheaded. Much sooner, the same Blue Diamond of the Crown reappeared but it was re-cut as the Heart of the Ocean. It is the same precious gemstone created into a stunning pendant.

In the movie, Billy Zane who plays Caledon Hockley bought the diamond as a present for Rose DeWitt Bukater, his fiancée. The gemstone was officially shown in the movie when Cal finally gave the gift to Rose, as a showcase of how he can provide for their family, especially her. But soon after Rose met Jack Dawson, the ship’s third mate, Rose is having second doubts about her relationship with Caledon. In one of the scenes, Rose requested that Jack draw a picture of her wearing only the gem.

Caledon was infuriated with Rose’s behavior so he tried to discredit Jack. He had the pendant placed in on Jack’s possession then accused him of thievery. As the story goes, the Titanic sunk and amidst all the confusion, Cal gave back the gem to Rose, who the discovered it much later. Rose broke up with Cal but had kept the gem. Interest in the piece resurfaces when Bill Paxton, who plays Brock Lovett in the story, started a salvage operation to find it. The picture of Rose with the gem that was drawn by Jack was shown in national TV. At that point, Rose came out, revisited the vessel, and told her story. She was 101 years old by then.

The movie ended after Rose tossed the necklace into the ocean. She did it so that the gem would serve as her link to her true but lost love, Jack.

The Real Jewel

The Heart of the Ocean in the story is fiction. However, the equally famous Hope Diamond inspired the store. The Hope Diamond is the real one owned by Louis the XVI and the King before him, Louis the XIV. The legend of the Hope Diamond and its stories of woes are the perfect match to the tragedy that happened in the Titanic.

Gem Statistics

By analyzing the gem used in the story, The Heart of the Ocean is several times more extravagant than the Hope Diamond. James Cameron maximized the use of his Hollywood license to make everything bigger and more beautiful for the silver screen. The one used for the film was an enormous 56-carat jewelry, giving it a length of almost two inches. A cluster of smaller, colorless stones and diamonds surrounds the central gemstone as well. Additional gems accentuate the necklace’s chains too. The necklace is a real work of art. Too bad it wasn’t real.

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  2. Partizannka April 16, 2010 at 10:58 am #

    What a beautiful story! I wonder if they make diamond engagement rings from that fabulous gem?

  3. Partizannka April 16, 2010 at 11:03 am #

    What a beautiful story! I wonder if they make diamond engagement rings from that fabulous gem?

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