The Best Wedding Band Styles for Men

Traditionally men have been restricted to primarily gold or platinum wedding bands.  Many stores were only offering classic and basic wedding band styles for men’s wedding bands.  Today, however the market choices have significantly changed and there is larger range of choices for men’s wedding bands.


Most couples try to purchase matching rings.  Some do it because of tradition and others because of price savings.  Often jewelers will give a discount on wedding band sets as opposed to individual rings.  However, it can be difficult to choose perfect sets that both the bride to be and man both like and want.  The option is to purchase a bridal set and the man’s ring.  You still save money on the rings because you purchased the bridal set but you don’t have to agree on wedding band styles to both be happy.


Tungsten is preferred over the traditional gold, white gold and platinum sets by many men.  The biggest advantage to tungsten is that it is hard to scratch.  Many jobs can damage men’s wedding bands and tungsten sets are becoming a popular choice.  Another advantage to tungsten is that it does not have any alloy metals in it which prevents the majority of people from developing an allergic reaction to the rings.


Two-toned gold sets offer a nice appearance in wedding band styles because the opposite metals compliment one another.  You can have a dynamic and striking band without the higher price tag.  Many of the two-tone sets run in the same price range as plain bands, while offering a much more striking style and appearance.  Two-tone are also popular with brides to be and often couples can find a complete wedding set that they both like and will want to wear for many, many years.


Titanium men’s wedding bands are also on the rise in popularity.  Titanium is a metal that is durable and can hold up well in many occupations.    Some men choose not to wear a wedding band except for special occasions and going out to nice places because they don’t want it damaged at work or they think the sets look to feminine.  Hammered Titanium men’s wedding bands have a masculine, rugged look to them.  Additionally, you can find black titanium men’s wedding bands that are durable and breaks away from the more formal style bands.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel men’s wedding bands are durable and light-weight.  This is probably one of the most inexpensive metals that you can purchase for wedding band styles.  The advantage to going with stainless steel is not only the affordability but being able to replace the ring.  If you have a hard time keeping up with rings or damaging rings, stainless steel sets are the best option.  The biggest disadvantage though with stainless steel is that it will scratch easily.


Hematite has grown in popularity as more and more people are turning to alternative healing.  The men’s wedding bands made from hematite are typically very plain but offer the healing benefits of the metal.  These rings do have the disadvantage that they can shatter if knocked against hard surfaces.  Some people have been known to have an allergic reaction to these rings.  You will want to purchase one and wear it for a few months before the wedding to make sure that it is compatible with your skin sensitivities.

As you can see, there are many different choices of metals for men’s wedding bands and for wedding sets.  When selecting wedding band styles, decide which type of metal you think will work best and you like the appearance of the most.  There are many variations and even customizations that can be done for your wedding bands.


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