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A jeweler’s loupe is an instrument for examining diamonds. Whether you really need to explore a gem or if you just want to play around, this guide will help you to use a loupe correctly. Get your exam area ready. You’ll need to be in an area with lots of light. Find a place in your home or office lots of direct light – doesn’t matter if it is natural or artificial.  In the best circumstances, you would have diamond lamp, but it is not absolutely necessary. You can do wonders with a desk lamp and a powerful bulb. Have a towel or cloth beneath on the table to stop the diamond from falling if you drop it.

Expand the loupe. The loupe is small when folded. If you want to use it, you need to unfold it very carefully. Dropping it may damage the lens. When you have it extended, the loupe should form a straight line, resembling a small magnifying glass. Putting one finger through the opening to keep from dropping it, get the loupe in your hand. Steadily grip it so as not to drop it.

Bring the diamond close to your eyes. Now you have the loupe ready and gripped, you need to get hold of the diamond properly. Get the diamond around the outer edges (known as the girdle of the diamond) with your fingers. Holding a diamond with tweezers is not recommended unless you are an expert because the diamond could become scratched. Bring the loupe to your eye once you have the diamond in position. Get the loupe as close as you can while still being comfortable. Stop the loupe from moving with your cheek. Position the diamond close to the lens.

The loupe is meant to be a stationary examination tool. To bring the diamond into better focus you must move the stone. Move the diamond forward or backwards to get focus. You will actually be able to see the diamond facets when you are using it correctly. Close your other eye so that you can examine the diamond through the loupe without distraction.

The diamond should be positioned for a slanted view. You will be able to look at all the angles of the diamond by looking it at with a loupe. Just turn the diamond between your fingers to see it different ways. Avoid getting too many fingerprints on the sides or facets of the diamond.

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If you are planning to buy a stunning diamond engagement ring for your woman from a nearby jewelry shop then don’t do so. In stead visit the best online jewelry shops operating over the World Wide Web which offer your enormous choices to make your ring purchase worth. The best way to get a perfect ring is to let her choose herself. But if you really want to give your woman a lovely surprise by giving her a ring yourself, then access online resources.

There are few websites which give an opportunity to the consumers to design their own rings by choosing the desired setting, color, stone, and style. Through this process, an individual can buy a ring according to the taste and preference of his live. In order to buy what she will definitely like, there are some points which you should know about her:

Pay attention- Pay attention to what she wears on a daily wears and what she desires of. To get clearer picture, you can also ask her friends and relatives who may be in a condition to tell you her taste and preferences. Knowing her likes and dislikes will definitely help you while buying a diamond engagement ring for her.

What kind of metal she likes to wear- Most of the woman loves to wear diamonds but that may not be true in your woman’s case. So try to find out what kind of metal she likes to wear by asking her indirectly. If she is fond of solitaire then going for a solitaire engagement ring would be the perfect idea.

The kind of style she admires- Sometimes there may be a case where your woman likes to have a traditional look in stead of modern contemporary appearance. If she likes to wear traditional wardrobe the going for vintage engagement ring will be perfect for her. You can easily know her taste and likes by seeing the kind of jewelry she wears on a daily basis.

Sometimes a woman also gives hint to you when the wedding comes nearer. So you should be intelligent enough to understand her hints and try to buy the perfect engagement ring. You can also help yourself in buying good diamond engagement ring by analyzing yourself which style and type of jewelry will suit her personality.

Surely after reading all these you must be thinking that engagement ring shopping is not an easy task any more. One has to be attentive and cautious while buying diamond engagement ring and should not be casual in spending huge sum of money worthlessly.

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Although saving up for a ring and buying it outright is more highly recommended, there are financing options available for those bachelors who just can’t wait to pop the question. The most common form of financing would be just to charge it to your credit card, assuming you have one. If you don’t, many jewelers will have an in-house finance department, sometimes offering no money down or no interest for a few months to help give you time to pay it off. Other options to finance your engagement ring include, taking out a loan from a bank or borrowing against expensive items you may already own, such as a house or car. Whatever your choice is to finance your ring, be sure to ask the jeweler about any other options that may be available and be sure to carefully read and understand the details of any kind of debt plan you sign.


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Buying rings on ebay

One of the most recent avenues for engagement ring shoppers is through the online auction site, ebay. Although some may argue that purchasing a pre-owned engagement ring is unromantic, and possibly bad luck, hundreds of engagement rings are purchased by satisfied couples through the site everyday. If you decide on using ebay to find a ring, there are some pitfalls you should watch out for.

Always check the seller’s ebay rating.

Ebay users are given a rating that tells you how reliable the sellers and buyers are. Because a diamond engagement ring is such an expensive purchase and because ebay purchases are based on an act of faith, you should only consider purchasing your ring from sellers with a 98 percent rating or higher. Don’t gamble with sellers with poor ratings.

Communicate with the seller.

Through ebay, you may contact the seller to ask him/her additional questions about the item for sale and get more information about it than what is in the description. Contact the seller of the ring and get as much information about the ring as possible What is the history of the ring? Are there certificates of authenticity for the ring? Are there any more photos of the ring available? The more information you get, the more likely you’ll also get a safe purchase.

Demand a return policy.

Most sellers on ebay, especially those who use the site frequently, will have a return policy but if the seller doesn’t – ask him/her for one. This will give you a few days to have the ring appraised to be sure you are getting what you pay for.

By using transaction sites like PayPal or, sellers and buyers can insure that both sides are satisfied with the deal before the money is permanently exchanged.


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How to Choose a Jeweler

To find the perfect engagement ring, you have to choose the right jeweler. Right now, there are way too many different jewelers operating within the industry. And they offer a variety of service, style, and price range to their clients. A couple has to consider all these things if they want to want to find the perfect ring for them. Engagements rings are an investment. And just like your jewelry, the jeweler from where you bought the piece should last a lifetime for maintenance purposes.

Which Jeweler? Which Ring?
Before you choose the right jeweler, you have to be decided on the type of ring you want. Traditional, classic, and simple engagement rings can be availed from small jewelry stores. But if you want more exotic choices such as pave settings and Asscher cut, you need to proceed to some larger and more individualized jewelers. On the other hand, if you want to customize your ring, you’ve got to go to a store selling loose stones and are accepting customized works.


To give you an idea as to which jeweler to buy from, try to visit several stores during your free time. Check out the single-store jewelry shops in operation near you. Then try to visit the malls to look for national chains. Carefully investigate the rings they carry, particularly focusing on the ones you can afford and the styles you like. Once you have a good idea of what you want and what you can buy, it becomes easier for you to decide.
Independent Jewelers or Mall Stores?
A lot of couples are warned against buying their engagement ring from an independent jeweler or a mall jewelry store. However, both of these places can pose to be a convenient option. Independent jewelers may have exotic collections you don’t know of. And the jewelry chains inside the mall have a wide range of engagement ring that you can choose from. You might even stumble upon a good bargain from them too.


Between the two, independent jewelers are usually more knowledgeable about their products. Mall jewelers, on the other hand, are popular for their fast and efficient customer service and routine maintenance. For you to choose between the two, try to evaluate your reasons for buying the jewelry. Are you looking to buy the whole set later on? If so, you are better off with the mall store because even if you relocate in the future, you are likely to find the matching piece of your jewelry from their branch near your new home.


The Services of the Jeweler
Jewelers offer different services to their clients. So before you choose one, try to check which service they can provide for the ring you are going to buy. Is routine maintenance and cleaning part of the deal? How about repairs? Are there any warranties? Is it possible to reset the diamond on an entirely different ring later on? Jewelers may tell you that they can do all of these for you. However, you need to find out if they are going to do them right there at the store or they would simple direct you to some office that is far away from where you are.


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